5 of My Favorite Books; and my comment abt the books.

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I am a book lover who has a lot of favorite books, and now I want to giving my comment and critics about 5 of my favorite books. Some of this books is unknown and not one of greatest books in the world, but who cares when I think all of this books is a blessing; for me ofc.

  1. An Old Fashioned Girl, written by Louisa May Alcott. She’s a good writer and Amazon.com give this books a comment that this book has a wonderful story. An Old Fashioned Girl’s telling abt a country girl named Polly Milton. She’s had a close friend named Fanny, a cool city girl and had a different nature from herself. Polly and Fanny have liked and loved the same person who’s called Mr. Sidney, and because Polly is a good and humble person, she sacrifices her love for Fanny and then, she believes that love can be found by itself at the right time. An Old Fashioned Girl is preaching us about a real love and friendship. But; the one I do not like about Polly Milton is that she’s too innocent to be a living person in a real world. The innocence could endanger herself if only Polly couldn’t defeat the mistake itself with other good qualities.
  2. Secondly, I’ll bring us a book who’s written by Betty Smith and named A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. This very thick book tells the story of the life of an eleven-year-old girl named Francie Nolan and her family struggling from the poverty that struck in Brooklyn. This book teaches us about the meaning of love, friendship and how to build a strong family foundation in a thick book summation. This book’s having some explicit content in different sides, an explicit content that preaching us to struggling for life.
  3. Maybe some of you have known this books, named The Secret Garden. This books is one of greatest children books all the time, and The New York Times giving it a praise that The Secret Garden have a bewitching story that making the readers can’t stop reading till the end. Mary Lennox, a pampered girl that just got her parents died from sick, shipped from India to her uncle’s house in England. She’s often wandered around till she’s find a secret garden that changed her and some people’s whole world.
  4. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, #1 international best seller. Who’s doesn’t know this book and dat writer? I’ve reading two books by Dan Brown, one among other is The Da Vinci Code and the last is Digital Fortress; and Brown’s way to making books is always make me dumbfounded
  5. because his books that often contain such scientific ‘formula’ is so amazing.For the last, I’ve preparing a book called Little Princess, which is also an international best-seller book written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This book tells the story of a girl named Sara Crewe, the richest student at Miss Minchin School in London, who is suddenly poor because her father who lives in India died suddenly and Sara is left behind without receiving any inheritance somehow. Little Princess teaches us to being a person who is always rigid and passionate about whatever will be, as the fate of Sara Crewe who had left by his father and then forced into a slave that treated very cruelly by Miss Minchin.

So, that’s all! Its not my very first time to write an article in English, but this is my firt time to writing an English article with all of the details and all the wrong grammar too lol. Lemme knowing the wrong grammars in comment below okay!

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